Learn more about participating in iGAP as a Physician-Investigator

Interested in joining a visionary research team seeking to advance the utility of clinical genetic testing?

The iGAP Registry™ is both a retrospective and prospective observational registry documenting utility, clinical impact and patient experience for patients with or at risk of developing cancer, who obtain Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing.

The goal is to provide a platform to encourage private practice and academic physicians to collaborate in research on use of Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing in clinical practice.


The iGAP Registry™ will be an ongoing effort. Patient enrollment and subsequent follow up will occur over a minimum of 5 years.   It is estimated that data from over 10,000 patients will be in the Registry.

The structure of the study is as follows:

  • Patients who get genetic testing are enrolled

  • Demographics, medical and family history entered

  • Test results and recommendations recorded

  • Family members of affected patients may be included for follow-up within the registry

  • Follow up data reported over time—including what recommendations were actually implemented, patient health status and patient reported outcomes


All interested clinical practices performing Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing and counseling will be invited and encouraged to participate in the Registry.