The iGAP Registry™

The iGAP Registry™

Support for Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing in at-risk and cancer patient populations is growing, but barriers still exist, including proper interpretation and dissemination of information about its impact on patients and families.

The iGAP Registry™ is designed to capture information on disease risk assessment, Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing, utilization, and impact on treatment practices and outcomes to help determine, over time, the most effective use of testing in varied patient populations.

A board of clinical advisors who are active users of Germline Genetic, Genomic, and other Biomarker testing, including physicians, nurses, and patient advocates, created the the iGAP Registry™. Technology professionals were also consulted on optimizing the process of data collection and dissemination.

Principal Investigator Dr. Peter Beitsch introduces the iGAP Registry™

What makes the iGAP Registry™ Unique?

  • Includes investigators from specialty and multi-specialty practices.

  • Follows patients at risk and patients with cancer over time updating risk and patient outcomes.

  • Incorporates patient reported outcomes with clinical recommendations and outcomes.

  • Integrates the latest curated patient management guidelines for consideration by researchers.

  • Curates data for physician-investigators and researchers to access their own data for individual analysis and publication.

  • Is lab agnostic.

Medneon is the sponsor of the iGAP Registry™. Medneon is a digital health company that empowers patients and physicians through the identification and management of genetic mutations before they evolve into cancer.

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